admin November 30, 2018

“System Animator” is a multi-purpose system monitor with focus on visuals and FUN! How about a cute Anime gal who dances according to the CPU usage? Hatsune Miku waving her leek when your drive is busy? The famous Matrix digital rain effect with scroll speed corresponding to your network traffic? It’s up to your imagination!

System Animator 10 is now available for download! It has the following major advancement and changes.

– “Stay on desktop” mode has been added, which makes it possible to use System Animator as an ANIMATED wallpaper!

– “Wallpaper Engine”, a recently popular software for setting up wallpaper animations, is now supported.

– Various post-processing effects have been added, allowing real-time artistic effects to be applied on videos and some animations.

“System Animator” Homepage:



– Video:

– 【MAD】言の葉の庭-最高の片想い (
– [MMD] Uh-Oh (RinxLen) (

– Wallpaper Engine:

– MIKU (
– 一択彼女 加藤恵 (