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Skydive Dubai | Skydiving Over The Palm Dubai

Skydive Dubai is by far one of the best adrenaline rushes anyone can do.

The view as your skydiving over the palm is absolutely breathtaking, it has to be seen to be believed.

Skydive Dubai is only one of many adrenaline/thrill-seeking activities Dubai has to offer

The Skydive Dubai height I jumped from was 13,000 feet with a free fall time of approx 60 – 90 second of pure death-drying thrills.

Skydive Dubai has 2 jump locations.

1. Skydiving over the palm
2. Skydive Dubai desert campus

I haven’t yet done the skydive Dubai desert campus but it’s definitely on my bucket list.

Skydive Dubai cost is 2199 AED roughly $600 USD

I will add a link to the bottom of the post for a Skydive Dubai booking

About Dubai:

Dubai is the economic and tourist hub of the Middle East. 85% of the residents of Dubai are foreign nationals.

The economic boom of Dubai happened in the 1960s with the export of oil. Investments form a great part of the economy. Dubai is a city focused on luxury, entertainment and tourism.

Dubai is host to the world’s tallest hotel with a rating of 7 stars. Dubai is building a series of themed adventure parks called Dubailand which will form one of the world’s largest entertainment precincts.

Dubai has a massive shopping mall, one of the world’s largest. It is known as a stopover destination for tourists on long journeys and features a large amount of adventure tourism.

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