admin November 10, 2018


Artists can be dime-a-dozen, but there is only one Matio D.

Emerging from the elite Boston music scene in Massachusetts, Hip Hop recording artist Matio D (real name Mbathio Diarra) began hitting the ground running in the music realm since her inception into the industry many years ago. Known for tackling many industry roles including being a singer, songwriter, author and screenplay writer, her multifaceted approach has helped her manifest into a versatile and driven Hip Hop artist with her own signature sound and stylization; and hasn’t slowed down her momentum since that time.

Matio D (also known as “The Ripper”), originally hailing from Senegal in West Africa, moved to Boston in 2003 to attend college after she graduated from High school. She has been a ghostwriter for several years but finally decided to get out of the closet and do what she loves to do most: singing. As part of her mission in music, her artistic merit centralizes on her passion for creating innovative songs to share with the world that express some of her most beautiful, philosophical and inspirational content out of her insatiable desire to inspire, educate and be a role model to society and music listeners collectively. Her belief is that music should be educational and that we can change the world for the better through the prospect of writing and sharing your stories.

Her current song “Remember The Time (Live in Atlanta)” has garnered the rising artist an impressive internet buzz and growing fan base. These days, she knows how to enjoy life, using her craft to be a voice for hip-hop, continuing its movement with her community and fanbase, and living the life of an artist on the rise. She has come a long way since her breakthrough and is driven to maintain her originality and to keep shooting for greatness. Judging by her success so far, Matio D is well on her way to the top. And Hip Hop fans will soon be used to hearing her name.