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Earn daily @Thinkle.. What is Thinkle? Thinkle is a web based application that gives you the abilities to sell your knowledge. What is knowledge? Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness, or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, information, descriptions, or skills, which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, discovering, or learning. Knowledge […]

admin December 29, 2019

The Real J Israel” represents Georgia R&B “I love you” 2019 From being a preacher’s child growing up in the church to becoming a R&B artist. The award winning indie gospel artist turned R&B artist “The Real J Israel” is hoping to win the hearts of millions of fans and music lovers across the world. […]

admin December 27, 2019

Tower Building – Skyscraper tower Design game is the ultimate time killer to slay your boredom by making skyscraper towers. Place blocks in such a way that do not lose equilibrium. This tower building game is very addicting and HD graphics tower block stacking game. Point system is very easy because as much higher you […]

admin November 28, 2019

Gabriel K is a Ugandan Singer and Musician who fuses Soul Into African Pop based in East Africa and With his debut album “done waiting” he opened up listeners to a unique blend of african rhythms blended with western pop/soul with a 90s tinge written all over it. The 16 track album continues to spike […]

admin November 27, 2019

Prophety Soundworks has a pretty good Acoustic music called Sun Shine. The hallmark of this music is technically a distinctive musical arrangement with a guitar melody with an echo effect combined with a synthesizer. The soft and breathy vocal sound is also one of the elements that characterizes the Sun Shine song.  If the […]

admin November 26, 2019

 Going through daily activities feels empty without listening to music or favorite songs at all. Who doesn’t like listening to music? Almost all humans like this one thing. And one of the most popular types of music is a song from Jay-M called The Legend. The song titled The Legend is much in demand […]

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Maybe you have often played the famous Android game, well, have you ever felt bored with the same game? If so, that’s right! because I will discuss and give recommendations for the latest Android games that you can play for free. Guaranteed after you plug and play, your boredom can disappear. The game is Space […]

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We offer the best signboards maker in kota kinabalu. Contact us now at 0198439093 Searching for a reliable Signboard Maker can be difficult, but you have come to the right place. Mamam’s Trading Signs & Advertising is committed to delivering top-notch service at a price you can afford. We have 10 years of experience […]

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Artist Name:Samsara Song Name:Filthy Habit Tweets by SamsaraNYC Comprised of local New Yorkers from Queens and Long Island: Dylan Trif (Lead Vocals), Charlie LoMonaco (Guitar and BackGround Vocals), John Devito ( Bass), Ben Bustamante (Drums and Background Vocals), Brendan Sandhovel ( Bass, Rhythm Guitar) Charlie, Ben and John began playing music together […]

admin November 12, 2019

Artist Name:LE-NOR Song Name:Who Am I Artist From:Georgia  LE-NOR is an independent poet, songwriter, and blogger from Atlanta, Georgia. A talented singer since the age of 5, she has experience performing in multiple genres – from pop, R&B, and country, to jazz and spoken word. Like many great musicians, her songs […]