admin October 20, 2019

artist name – Caesare’ song – Show and Prove state – Texas year of song – 2019 twitter – instagram – facebook – youtube – soundcloud – Bio – Caesare’ not new to music, after a failed development deal, decided to put focus into a career of real estate and […]

admin October 5, 2019

Gaming experience has never been as rich and vivid as it is today. From 2D to 3D, the evolution of gaming technology makes it popular not only among teens but also among adults alike. So what makes 2048 based game attractive not only to gamers but also to the general population? The advancements in technology […]

admin October 4, 2019

Album STINKY FEET  Songwriters: Ming / Ben Cohen Produced by: Ben Cohen Lyrics: There’s something keeping me questioning, talking I laugh as if doom is coming and make it sound like an ending There’s something pushing me doubting, and leading I respond as if the story’s still going and make it sound […]

admin September 28, 2019

DJ Opulent One Man Show Illinois – Chicago 2019 DJ Opulent hails from the Windy City – Chicago. Born, raised and representing Chicago in a positive way.

admin September 28, 2019

DJ Opulent Winner Takes All Illinois – Chicago 2019 DJ Opulent hails from the Windy City – Chicago. Born, raised and representing Chicago in a positive WAY.

admin September 19, 2019

Carlon-Neva Switched Kansas City, MISSOURI An independent artist coming out of Kansas City, Missouri that goes by Carlon. My rap name is my middle name but what makes it unique and creative is my parents put their mother’s names (Carla and Carolyn) together and came up with my middle name which is Carlon. After years […]

admin September 17, 2019

Artist Name // SCVTRX Artist Song Name // OG PVRP SCVT Hello So 4 years ago now, wow time flys. this is when I started my journey I went and bought some pioneer decks The XDJ R1 with a dream and a intention to one day be like skrillex my idol. I have always wanted […]

admin September 13, 2019

Artist Name:ChanDon Papi 23 Song Name:TATTOO$ – N- WAR WOUND$ Kentucky/ OHIO ChanDon Papi 23 is originally from Louisville Kentucky and grew up in the Victory Park neighborhood of the West End. Becoming inspired by those who overcame adversity within his community he chose to articulate that vision through music and motivational speaking. With roots […]

admin September 11, 2019

Artist Name: ShaTTered Song Title: Vicious I’m a 21 year old producer from Salt Lake City. Music is my passion and I appreciate everyone that supports it. I love long walks on the beach and sick wubs! Music Genre: Dubstep/Riddim Itunes link: Twitter Link: Facebook Link: Instagram Link: Youtube Link: […]

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Prepare yourself to dive on your adventure journey and revenge through the scorched countryside. Legacy Of Warrior is an action rpg war game that lets you immerse yourself in challenging Samurai battles, many missions and battle quests. Play as a Samurai hero and stop at anything to catch your nemesis! ⚔️ FIGHT with YOUR SAMURAI […]