admin October 12, 2018

Welcome to the world of FULL METAL FATIGUE (FMF), the world’s newest and soon to be the highest requested active wear brand in the world. The creator and owner of this extraordinary line is none other than Antonio Juarez Jr., a dedicated entrepreneur and philanthropist that presently serves a position in the U.S Air Force. Mr. Juarez descends from Joliet, IL which is located about 30 minutes from Chicago. After almost a year of trying to develop a name for the company, FMF originally stems from a casual drinking session and good time conversations with Mr. Juarez’s family, and from that the title was born.

FMF has a ton of different surprises and great designs that is sure to capture the clothing industry and audiences abroad by storm. For FMF, quality is key and presenting a comfortable fitting design to a craving audience that loves to look good while working out are the imperative goals that stamps the company to the world. With new unique marketing techniques and digital presence, FMF is sure to captivate the entire indutry.

Admiring NIKE growing up and also witnessing UNDER ARMOUR’S reign to stardom, Mr. Juarez and the team of FMF acknowledges the challenges ahead and recognize all seasoned competition within this targeted industry, but taking a back seat role for FMF is not an option. New and modern innovative designs will be the look for FMF and supplying a happier lifestyle of clothing is mandatory to maintain a required satisfaction between FMF and its dedicated consumers! Establishing jobs and facilitating hands-on community outreach serves as missionary points for FMF, so leading the industry by example is a must for this new emerging company.

One day, FMF has the expectations of gaining government contracts to supply our military globally with active wear, and eventually the contracts of universities and professional sports teams worldwide. Buying from FULL METAL FATIGUE makes you part of a growing family and ensures that someone in need somewhere is benefiting from FMF’s philanthropy impact. Stay tuned and keep up because the beginning of 2019 is sure to become tsunami campaign for the FMF family and starving customers!

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