admin February 14, 2020

_Blueberries 2

All photos uploaded here make up a file of photos I am calling Visiopathy. Each photo in Visiopathy has been individually selected as having vibrational or subtle energy qualities that are healing, strengthening, energizing, etc. The term Visiopathy is a word I am using to designate the visual equivalent of Homeopathy. All photos have been formatted as wallpaper 1024 x 768. If you are using a PC and windows, choose as your screensaver in settings "My Pictures Slideshow," and follow the onscreen windows to point to your stored file of pictures. Suggested time for each picture to be onscreen, 18 seconds. Up to 108 seconds if you really want to absorb the healing energy of each individual picture. The contribution to the Flickr Community is in the careful selection of each individual photo. Be well.